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Help send Lonny Ray to Concord Your very own Lonny Ray Williams, the Editor and writer of THE PAMPHLET.   and the National chair of the Independent American party. The Pamphlet is a donation-based free monthly publication that teaches U.S. History.  Lonny Ray has been asked to give a speech

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Get to know the Independent Americans

Our new National Chairman Lonny Ray Williams delivers this year’s State of the Union response as well as a brief introduction to the Independent American Party. Lonny Ray Williams was elected at this year’s National Convention held on February 18th, 2023. He was the Independent

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It isn’t over

The campaign might be done, but we are not done fighting. There is never a time to give up on our country, our kids, or our liberty.

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Time to vote

Remember to look into your candidates. Take your time to learn what they really stand for. Do they answer your emails or phone calls? Do they really vote the way you think they should? Do they stand for you? Lonny will. True Representation and Real

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