Meet Lonny

Lonny Ray Williams is a dedicated servant to the people. He has volunteered his time to create a publication teaching authentic American history. He has been researching, writing, and teaching about civic and personal responsibility and is the editor of THE PAMPHLET.

During his time as editor, THE PAMPHLET has grown from a small town free publication to a digital publication with viewers in all fifty states and fifty-five countries around the world. He continually demonstrates the qualities of public service and representation that Washingtonians in District 7 need.

Lonny is a homesteader, husband, parent, veteran, and dedicated community builder who believes that the people often know better how to solve their problems rather than allowing the government to infringe on their rights to self-determination.

Lonny Ray Williams was raised on an appaloosa and quarter horse ranch where he learned the value of hard work, honesty, and integrity. Twelve hours after high school graduation he was on an airplane to Fort Benning Infantry Training Center in Georgia. Lonny learned the true definition of service and sacrifice while in service in our Nation’s Capital in the Presidential Honor Guard, in an Air Assault Recon unit, and finally on special assignment in the Emergency Operations Center under command of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations Plans and Security in Fort McNair, Washington D.C.

Lonny & Leslie
Lonny and his wife, Leslie

I learned more about common sense after five minutes in the Army, than I ever did in college. We ought to focus more on common sense, morality, and informed consent, in the formative years so that people know how to handle the power and responsibility that comes from nuclear physics, government, and medicine. Real history and the personal pursuit of the stories and words of everyday Forefathers, can teach us more about that than current curriculum at University

Lonny's Family
Lonny's Family

After returning and adjusting to civilian life Lonny became a business manager in the service and transportation industries. He re-entered public service in government for the U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service, and worked in the Chief Ranger Station at Mount Rainier National Park. Later he was hired by the U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census on a decennial census, crime surveys, mapping, and other statistical work. From there, he moved on to the Environmental Protection Agency as an assistant to the Presidential Appointee to Region 10 and then moved on to the Superfund and Emergency Response Office. In 2008, Lonny suffered a stroke and became debilitated.

It was a rough time to become disabled during the financial crisis of 2008, and Lonny ended up losing a career, home, and family in the recovery that followed. As he struggled with redeveloping the common speech, physical, and social tasks that were once simple, he learned that people often take for granted what they ought to hold dear. Ultimately the best cure for a brain injury turned out to be the life that Lonny grew up on. Lonny and his family moved to Republic Washington and have been working their little homestead ever since. Chopping wood and the labor of livestock and farming turned out to be the best tools to rebuild and hone physical and mental ability. But as Lonny recovered through the physical and mental challenges that homestead life offers, he recognized that our country, state, and community needed him once more.

Lonny helped his wife build up her local monthly publication called THE PAMPHLET which uses material derived from authentic sources to tell our true history through the eyes and voices of those who lived it. Lonny uses his rediscovered talents and assets to bring to life the issues of our ancestors and Founding Fathers while contrasting them with today’s challenges. The work has further helped Lonny to redevelop and repurpose his assets to aid in community development, civics, education, resilience, and self-sufficiency. The years of study focusing on our nation’s struggle for liberty have aided Lonny in grasping the key dysfunctions in government. This has provided Lonny with a roadmap to secure your rights.

Since the historical publication started, draconian mandates and unamerican decrees by the feckless government helped draw people to fact-based publication. The citations on the history of our liberty, educate citizens on their inalienable rights and perpetual responsibility. This is something that most people around the world identify with. THE PAMPHLET has spread to all fifty states and fifty-five countries. People across the globe tune in to read about true representation and their responsibility to provide the conditions for it.

Throughout that process, Lonny has been teaching people across the world to get involved with their local government and supporting them in that endeavor. Lonny knows that representation is mortally wounded in this country, especially in Washington State. Lonny has been out front on the issues that matter to you, while our state leaders lack the focus or understanding. Our current leadership fails to promote the teaching of accurate history and the critical role that representation plays in our government. Our current leadership has allowed schools to spend more time and money on radical ideology than on teaching math, English, and history. Lonny understands the value of core education and has been a champion for parental rights in education.

It is truly tragic that Republican leadership has allowed union and special interests to subvert core education in our schools. Lonny knows a thing or two about unions, both good and bad, from both sides of the aisle. Lonny was involved with Unions in government and understands how they play a role in perpetuating bad policies.

Lonny’s grandfather was a Union organizer and Coal Miner who died in this state of black lung from working the mines. Because of his background, Lonny knows what it takes to reign in bad unions and organizations that profit from the appearance of worker rights and education while perpetuating bad employees that lobotomize our children.

Residents of Northeast Washington have been yearning for True Representation and Real Leadership since Lonny’s grandfather worked the coal mines in Washington. Parents, ranchers, farmers, homesteaders, and small businesses have been struggling while feckless suits struggle to defend their positions and lack representation. Fortunately for us, now, there is an honest choice for representation and leadership!

Lonny has been busy working with fantastic parents and patriots like you, who have been working to enshrine parents’ rights as the primary stakeholders in their children’s lives. He was alarmed to find such stiff resistance in government here at home, to common-sense principles, and moral decisions.

Our Republican leadership colluded with the Democrat leadership in watering down the language in a resolution to support parents as a primary stakeholders in the upbringing of their children. If that was not bad enough, when the incumbent voted to fund empty seats in public schools, she refused to recognize that funding empty seats funded the radical programming and grooming that is going on in our schools.

That is precisely why many parents are pulling their children out of school in record numbers. That is not leadership and absolutely does not represent you in District 7. Lonny Ray Williams is the true representation we yearn for.

Lonny & Son
Lonny and his son

Lonny has been at the forefront in warning people of challenging times and impending supply line challenges. All while our current leadership has been busy trying to convince you that they care about you by passing bills that pay for empty seats. True leadership looks at the storm clouds and prepares the people by letting them know there are rough seas ahead. Lonny has been educating people about food storage and preservation, raising livestock, gardening, and the importance of community.

Lonny Ray Williams is the real leader we need. He is a strong proponent of routing funds away from unnecessary social justice programs, to save and rebuild our local farm-to-table food production. Lonny is the only choice for representation that will rebuild our agricultural capacity in a responsible manner that respects the rights of the people. He has a personal message for you.

If nothing else happens out of my campaign, I hope that the great people in Washington State plant a garden, raise some livestock, and do whatever they can to build up their food production and preservation skills to weather some real challenging times. It is a real tragedy that current leadership has done nothing to prepare the people for what many of us have seen coming

Lonny Ray Williams is the Representative for District 7, which we have been yearning for. It is time we send someone with honesty and integrity to represent us in government. Send Lonny to Olympia to cut the pork and shovel out the manure.

Your vote for me guarantees my firm commitment to you and your family to introduce legislation that enshrines you as the Primary Stakeholder in your children’s upbringing. I will work tirelessly to prioritize our agricultural economy and support our small businesses. And if you send me to Olympia, I will ensure that your taxes support students, not empty seats. It is time for True Leadership and Real Representation in Washington.