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"I Endorse Lonny Ray Williams for 7th LD Pos. 1" Steve McLaughlin 2016 PLC Candidate

It’s time for a change in Washington state! Lonny has been attending town hall meetings throughout the region long before he even decided to run. He’s been listening to the concerns of the people and coming up with solutions. We need leadership who will show up! I hope you will join me in voting for Lonny Williams for District 7 Representative!

We need new blood in Olympia that represents the people in Eastern Washington. As a native Eastern Washingtonian, raised in a farmer's family, I know and love the people and values of Eastern WA. Lonny will bring the common sense and backbone needed to fight the corruption in Olympia.

Lonny Ray Williams (R) Candidate for the 7th District Washington State House of Representatives, has signed the Protect-America pledge to protect minor children from sex transitioning. We stand with Lonny Ray Williams in his House race. We can completely endorse Lonny for this State House seat in the 7th District. For a copy of the pledge go to www.protect-america.org If you would like to support Protect-America.org with a donation (Not Tax Deductable) go to www.protect-america.org/donate

Dear 7th District voters- I would like to make public my endorsement of Lonnie Ray Williams for Washington State Representative in the 7th District! Lonnie will be a great public servant because I believe he already practices servanthood in his daily life. His faith is an active, living one- he practices what he believes. Do you want a state representative that will work hard for you, and hold himself to high standards when it comes to representing you? Then Vote for Lonnie Ray Williams for State Representative! State Representative Bob McCaslin 4th District, Position 1

I have yet to publicly endorse a candidate to the Patriot Movement. The more I have got to know Lonnie...the more I'm confident he is the real thing. A rock solid American Patriot and Constitutionalist with parents rights focus. I don't see Lonnie caving-in under pressure, and that's what is required today. This man wears one hat and doesn't play the politics game. Lonnie has my vote.