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"I Endorse Lonny Ray Williams for 7th LD Pos. 1" Steve McLaughlin 2016 PLC Candidate

It’s time for a change in Washington state! Lonny has been attending town hall meetings throughout the region long before he even decided to run. He’s been listening to the concerns of the people and coming up with solutions. We need leadership who will show up! I hope you will join me in voting for Lonny Williams for District 7 Representative!

We need new blood in Olympia that represents the people in Eastern Washington. As a native Eastern Washingtonian, raised in a farmer's family, I know and love the people and values of Eastern WA. Lonny will bring the common sense and backbone needed to fight the corruption in Olympia.

Lonny Ray Williams (R) Candidate for the 7th District Washington State House of Representatives, has signed the Protect-America pledge to protect minor children from sex transitioning. We stand with Lonny Ray Williams in his House race. We can completely endorse Lonny for this State House seat in the 7th District. For a copy of the pledge go to www.protect-america.org If you would like to support Protect-America.org with a donation (Not Tax Deductable) go to www.protect-america.org/donate

Dear 7th District voters- I would like to make public my endorsement of Lonnie Ray Williams for Washington State Representative in the 7th District! Lonnie will be a great public servant because I believe he already practices servanthood in his daily life. His faith is an active, living one- he practices what he believes. Do you want a state representative that will work hard for you, and hold himself to high standards when it comes to representing you? Then Vote for Lonnie Ray Williams for State Representative! State Representative Bob McCaslin 4th District, Position 1

I have yet to publicly endorse a candidate to the Patriot Movement. The more I have got to know Lonnie...the more I'm confident he is the real thing. A rock solid American Patriot and Constitutionalist with parents rights focus. I don't see Lonnie caving-in under pressure, and that's what is required today. This man wears one hat and doesn't play the politics game. Lonnie has my vote.

I hope they had fans going bc there sure was a lot of “hot air” blowing. You’ve got my vote Lonny Williams! I believe in you and your strong family values your fighting for. I appreciate you looking out for our future, our family and protecting our liberties! THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE TO OUR COUNTRY AND NOW OUR PEOPLE!

'Constitutional Conservatives of Washington State', 'Ungovernable Conservatives', and 'Washington First Patriots' Recommendation for the 2022 Jungle Primary here in Washington State.

Lonny would make a great Representative and I hope you will seriously consider voting for him.

Lonny Williams has a good understanding of Constitutional issues and our State government. He has a heart for restoring liberty. I personally think Jacquelin Maycumber has lost touch with her constituents and is unresponsive to calls, emails, etc.

Stand for Health Freedom Endorses Lonny Ray William for Washington House Representative District 7 – Position 1 Lonny Williams is vocal about medical freedom. Since September 2020, he and his wife have written The Pamphlet, a monthly publication about America’s history and its application to today’s situation. A recent issue, entitled Tyranny, states, “Are you . . . being cut off from society because you have asserted your rightful sovereignty over your body? . . . [E]ven if I stand alone, I will die before I allow myself to be injected by the toxic soup that they label a vaccine.” Lonny says, “I have rallied with and stood with many who have lost their jobs to the jab. Our nation is a land of liberty and yet we have government leaders who continue to trample on the rights of we the people. Our Founding Fathers birthed this nation through a time of national emergency and yet they gave no provision in the Constitution for a national emergency or any mechanism to suspend rights and yet government has usurped that power. I stand against the tyranny and for liberty.” Stand for Health Freedom supports candidates who make and support policy to protect and expand individual and family choice in matters of personal health. We believe Lonny Ray William will defend and expand these rights for Washington residents.

All voters in my family are voting for Lonny Ray Williams! We are at a crossroads in our country and this election is so important! Washington needs real representation based on what the citizens of Washington really want. We do not want to be governed under Emergency order for the next decade! Make Washington Great Again!

Conservative Ladies of Washington Endorsement of Lonny Ray Williams for State Representative, Washington’s 7th Legislative District It is our honor to give Lonny Ray Williams our endorsement for State Representative in Washington’s 7th Legislative District. Lonny is a true conservative, dedicated to serving the people in his community and preserving our American values and way of life. He’s also a homesteader, husband, father, and veteran. Conservative Ladies of Washington is dedicated to fighting for parental rights in our state and this is one of the top issues that Lonny cited as to why he feels led to run for state representative. Lonny believes that parents should have the authority over their children’s education, their medical and mental healthcare and he vows to fight against the indoctrination of our children by the radical left. Lonny is committed to giving parents a choice and a voice in education and will not vote to give more money to our failed government schools. Lonny is also dedicated to defending our 2nd Amendment rights, fighting more tyrannical government overreach and mandates by Inslee and the Washington Democrats by giving our law enforcement the tools they need to get a handle on the out-of-control crime in our state. We believe that Lonny will bring true representation of the people of District 7 to Olympia. He will be a servant of the people – which is a very needed change for District 7 and Washington state. Lonny Ray Williams’ willingness to serve and dedication to Washington State not only encourages us but gives us hope. It is time for WE THE PEOPLE to take back our state. We are proud to give our full support and endorsement to Lonny Ray Williams. You can learn more about Lonny and donate to his campaign at lonnyraywilliams.com

I am proud too endorse Lonny Ray Williams as our District 7 Representative because he is a rare and true representative of the people, for the people. Our District and society as a whole is heading in the wrong direction, fast! With Lonny’s leadership and guidance we have a rare opportunity to have our voices heard in Washington DC, and too preserve our constitutional rights! And as our District leader Lonny is happy to show the world what we, the people want. I have no doubt Lonny will provide True Representation and Real Leadership of and for our district, and solicite our concerns and point of view so we can be heard. Together we will prevail! As they say,“Teamwork makes the dream work”.. Lonnie, you have my endorsement and vote because our families, our children, and our ongoing generations need to be heard!

You are going to be the help our district 7 needs to make a difference for this generation and beyond!