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who am i

Who I am

I guess the conspiracy theories coming out of my opponent are beginning. It’s only been 24 hours. Get to know the real me.

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meet lonny ray williams

Meet Lonny Ray Williams

Hi, I’m Lonny Ray Williams and I am running to be your State Representative in Washington’s Legislative 7th District. My family & I run a pig farm – send me to Olympia and I will cut the pork and shovel the manure.

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Lonny stands with families like yours

Press Release – Friday, May 20th

LONNY RAY WILLIAMS ENTERS THE RACE FOR WASHINGTONS 7TH LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT Today, True Representation and Real Leadership is back in Washingtons 7th Legislative District! Lonny Ray Williams filed his candidacy for State Representative. He held an intimate announcement party in the afternoon, at in Republic

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