Lonny's Platform

Hi, I’m Lonny Ray Williams and I am running to be your State Representative in Washington’s Legislative 7th District. My family & I run a pig farm – send me to Olympia and I will cut the pork and shovel the manure.

Americans are yearning for real representation. District 7 Republican Leadership sidesteps true representation and instead colludes with Democrat Leadership and special interests.

While the Federal Government has been weaponized against parents our elected District 7 leadership has been busy colluding with their attorneys to water down a resolution that would have recognized you as the primary stakeholder in your children’s upbringing.

That’s not leadership and that’s certainly not truly representing people like you and me.

If you vote for me, Lonny Ray Williams, I’ll introduce clean legislation that recognizes you as the primary stakeholder in the upbringing of your children. What’s more common sense than that?

It’s time to bring true representation back to your family.

Lonny is listening to your needs
Lonny is listening to your needs
Lonny supports parental rights
Lonny supports parental rights

Over the past couple of years, Washington parents have been pulling their children out of the public school system by the thousands.

It is because you are seeking honest useful education without the promotion of hateful radical ideologies.

Unfortunately, District 7 leadership colluded with Democrat leadership to fund those empty seats.

That’s not the type of leadership you or I want.

Parents on all sides of the political aisle tell me they want the liberty to choose a quality education for their children.

If you vote for me, Lonny Ray Williams, I will introduce clean legislation that ensures that public education dollars follow the student instead of perpetuating fake representation and propping up radically failing institutions.

We are facing epic economic challenges in our state and here in District 7.

District 7 leadership did nothing to prevent the State’s heavy-handed pandemic response that decimated our families, our jobs, our businesses, and our food production industry. Our current District 7 leadership has been apathetic at granting an emergency reprieve to our District’s critical agricultural sector. That is not the leadership or true representation that you or I expect.

If you vote for me, Lonny Ray Williams, I will introduce emergency legislation that reroutes funds from the enormous gas taxes we collect in our state to our local independent and small farms to build up our Farm to Table food production.

While our District 7 gas & food prices skyrocket and your family faces baby formula shortages…our current District 7 leadership colludes with Olympia Democrats to give more power to unelected bureaucrats instead of empowering you and your family to prosper and succeed!

Lonny stands with families like yours
Lonny stands with families

Washington States’ entire northern edge borders Canada. District 7 alone has 8 out of the 12 border crossings.

Our truckers rely on the border to fuel our economy and provide our desperately needed food. Our demoralized Federal Border agents need our state’s help. We need to take the successful Texas approach and develop our own Washington solution to supplement our Federal Border forces while working with our northern neighbors to keep us safe at home.

When you vote for me, Lonny Ray Williams, you vote for a representative that takes our families, our economy, and our security in our state seriously. I will introduce legislation to study and adopt best practices that are effective at safeguarding our national borders.

There are countless other struggles and challenges that require a representative of the people, by the people, and for the people. I am not a fancy politician. But I am a Godly man who loves his neighbors and loves his country.

A vote for me, Lonny Ray Williams, is a vote for True Representation in District 7.

Your vote for me, guarantees my commitment to you and your family to introduce legislation that enshrines you as the Primary Stakeholder in your children’s upbringing, that prioritizes our District 7 Agricultural economy, safeguards our borders, and ensures that your taxes support students, not empty seats.