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Now there is an honest choice for representation in Washington! Support Lonny in ensuring that parents are the primary stakeholders in their children’s upbringing.

Hi, I’m Lonny Ray Williams and I am running to be your State Representative in Washington’s Legislative 7th District. My family & I run a pig farm – send me to Olympia and I will cut the pork and shovel the manure.

Lonny Ray Williams is a dedicated servant to the people. He has volunteered his time to create a publication teaching authentic American history. He has been researching, writing, and teaching about civic and personal responsibility and is the editor of THE PAMPHLET.

Lonny continually demonstrates the qualities of public service and representation that Washingtonians in District 7 need. He is a homesteader, husband, parent, veteran, and dedicated community builder who believes that the people often know better how to solve their problems rather than allowing the government to infringe on their rights to self-determination.

lonny ray williams
Lonny meeting with families

Americans are yearning for real representation. District 7 Republican Leadership sidesteps true representation. Instead, it colludes with Democrat Leadership and special interests.

While the Federal Government has been weaponized against parents our elected District 7 leadership have been busy colluding with their attorneys to water down a resolution that would have recognized you as the primary stakeholder in your children’s upbringing. That’s not leadership and that’s certainly not truly representing people like you and I.

If you vote for me, Lonny Ray Williams, I’ll introduce clean legislation that recognizes you as the primary stakeholder in the upbringing of your children. What’s more common sense than that?

It’s time to bring true representation back to your family!

Endorsed by families like yours

"I Endorse Lonny Ray Williams for 7th LD Pos. 1" Steve McLaughlin 2016 PLC Candidate

It’s time for a change in Washington state! Lonny has been attending town hall meetings throughout the region long before he even decided to run. He’s been listening to the concerns of the people and coming up with solutions. We need leadership who will show up! I hope you will join me in voting for Lonny Williams for District 7 Representative!

We need new blood in Olympia that represents the people in Eastern Washington. As a native Eastern Washingtonian, raised in a farmer's family, I know and love the people and values of Eastern WA. Lonny will bring the common sense and backbone needed to fight the corruption in Olympia.

Want to see more change in Washington?

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