When did we go from capitalism free market society to socialism price caps?

The Aristocratic Supremacists that claim to be conservatives, collude with socialists to enact communist price controls. In Washington State our Legislators failed to recognize that there were far better alternatives to communistic price controls. Those who drafted, sponsored, and voted for HB 2662, opened the door to government controls instead of free market capitalism. Price controls dissuade research, development, and competition that lowers costs. If our legislators put as much attention into laws that encourage competition, increase availability of options, prohibits monopolies, and cracks down on price fixing, we would have been far better off. Our legislators have made cannabis legal without a prescription, but won’t make insulin available over the counter to reduce costs, why? Our government already has experience building a drug industry from the ground up for recreation and fattening the state coffers. But when it comes to tackling insulin problems, they chose dystopian price controls instead of addressing the problem.

If our elected officials championed liberty as much as they did socialism, it would reduce the amount of money that they receive from special interest ‘campaign donations’, but quite honestly, in my opinion, that money should be outlawed anyway.

Career politicians that don’t support our Constitution and it’s support of a free-market economy should not be in office. A vote for me, Lonny Ray Williams, is a vote for someone who will not violate my constitutional integrity. There are always solutions available that are available and that support our traditional free market economy. We just need leadership that is bold enough to tackle hard problems instead of compromising our core values.


Vote for Lonny Ray Williams this November in the General Election, and we can start to end this madness. We can and must do better.