We must have better leadership than this!

Last Saturday, my challenger rolled into a public event at a County Fair to throw out bags of chips and berate fellow Republicans because some of their members were not supporting her. The hotheaded “let them eat cake’ mentality in leadership is something that liberty loving conservatives are sick of. People have the right to support whom they want to support; this is the United States of America! When you vote for Lonny Ray Williams this November in the General Election you are sending a message to Olympia that you are tired of the establishment and their Aristocratic Bullying of the people. The recent Liz Cheney blowout primary is what happens when Americans in a district recognize that the Incumbent lawmakers’ priorities do not represent the priorities of the people, and the people of this District are waking up to the fact that they have there very own Liz Cheney lookalike.

We want politicians who go to events to engage and address their needs of the people, not berate fellow party members for lack of support. We want politicians to treat their fellow citizens and party members with dignity and respect. We want politicians who can acknowledge the possibility of fraudulent elections. We want honest fair elections where all allegations of voter fraud are investigated by neutral parties. We want ballot harvesting made illegal by all parties. We want the option of in person voting restored. We want our elections controlled by people with integrity instead of establishment guardians. We want the Bill of Rights to be treated with respect. We want our faith and liberty to be protected. We want politicians who don’t bully other politicians into their support. We reject politicians that pay other politicians family members on their campaign to enrich each other. We are sick of backroom deals for power and wealth. We want politicians to understand that in this country you don’t have a right to rule just because your family lived someplace for a hundred years. We reject birthright rule, and we want politicians to understand that they have a sacred obligation to be servants of the people and to get off their high horse of Aristocratic Supremacy. A vote for Lonny Ray Williams is a vote for ‘We the People’.

There is at least one out of every four patriotic Americans in our District who are fed up with those in the ivory tower of Olympia and their Liz Cheney priorities. Article I Section I of our Washington State Constitution declares boldly that “All political power is inherent in the people, and governments derive their JUST powers from the consent of the governed, and are established to protect and maintain individual rights” (emphasis mine). That means that all government power and authority come from us. If we don’t have the power or authority to tell our neighboring citizen or business what to do, then we cannot give away a power, that we don’t have, to government. Our politicians cannot claim power for themselves as we clearly state that ALL political power comes from the people. It is time that we start rejecting politicians who cannot understand that. A vote for Lonny Ray Williams is a vote for the Constitution.

‘We the people’ have already won in this election because we have sent a strong message that we are fed up with corrupt Liz Cheney lookalike politicians. We have put them on notice that the anti-establishment conservatives are done with their corruption! We are just getting started in the resistance against corruption. Thank you for all of those who have stood up, thank you to those who are standing up now, and thank you to those who are just waking up and beginning to stand against politicians whose priorities do not represent the priorities of we the people. True Representation and Real Leadership is back in the Washington 7th Legislative District. It’s nothing personal, we just want our Constitution back. Vote for Lonny Ray Williams this November.