Family with the American Flag

Press Release – Friday, May 27th


Today the last steps of collaboration between the team and our campaign were completed. This allows us to accept campaign donations directly online. is a leading donation platform dedicated to helping Republicans in the fundraising process of their campaigns. With this step complete we are now able to have a secure platform to handle donations on our own campaign website and it is now live!

Lonny Ray Williams is committed to representing you! As such he wants to hear from and showcase endorsements from, We the People. Certainly, endorsements of major companies and organizations have value, Lonny understands that; however, Lonny is truly dedicated to bringing a voice to the underrepresented. Lonny wants to ensure that you have multiple avenues to reach him and join us in the struggle to bring your voice back to the table.

We are excited to see such grassroots support and we are excited to bring these critical campaign tools online to support this endeavor.

“Thanks sincerely for all your support!” – Lonny Ray Williams