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Labor Day Message

Howdy Patriots,

On this Labor Day Weekend, I wanted to take a moment and thank some of the unsung heroes in our fight against the tyranny of our government. The weaponization of government was something that many of us were aware of but called conspiracy theorists until congressional hearings conducted by Congressman Jim Jordan and his committee that was set up to specifically investigate the pervasive problem.

There are few people you can turn to when your own government turns against you and tries to take your liberty away. There was a recent article by the Wirepoints organization that highlights various legal entities that are fighting against the tyranny of our own government. I think it’s worth a read and spreading the good word about these organizations around. so that we the people can donate what they can to keep our legal options open when we stand on the side of liberty and the Constitution.

I am proud of each and every one of you out there who has realized that this nation is heading for a crash landing. Across the nation, we are standing up working tirelessly to kick the bums out of office from both sides of the aisle that have sold us out to enrich themselves. It is time to rebuild our communities, elect principled independent servants of the people, and take our country back one block at a time! God bless you and all those who stand for liberty and freedom.

Lonny Ray Williams,

National Chairman