grant county old time rally moment

Grant County Old Time Political Rally

Thank you, Grant County Historical Society, for putting on a fantastic old-fashioned candidate forum! For the event, we served Martha Washington’s rum punch (without the rum of course). It was quite an experience. When you vote for me you will get the same type of values that our country was founded on. True representation means that I will not vote on a bill until I have read it and talked to the people in my district about how they want me to vote for it. I will ensure that parents’ rights are restored by enshrining the right of parents to be the primary stakeholders in the upbringing of their children. Education dollars will follow the student, whether that be private, charter, co-op, home, or public school. I will work with farmers and communities to ensure that we focus on self-sufficiency in our food production and feed our people. We will secure our borders, ensure that our 2nd Amendment rights are restored and preserved for future generations, and we will make sure that every single life is protected. We are taking our country back from the Aristocratic Supremacists that think they are entitled to rule. We won’t be able to do that when we vote for the same old Aristocratic Supremacists. A vote for Lonny Ray Williams ensures that we the people have a seat at the stakeholders table again. Thank you again to everyone who attended the Grant County Historical Society event and thank you to the great people of that society who are preserving their history.